• “The Alexander Technique helped a long standing back problem, and to get a good night’s sleep after many years of tossing and turning.”

    Paul Newman (Actor)

Individual or Group Sessions?

Our Single Session Introduction provides a good overview of the process and concepts of Alexander Technique with a range of practical examples. It is designed as a primer, and at the end of the session you will have enough information to decide if you want to explore the benefits of Alexander Technique further.

Attending a Fundamentals series of group sessions gives you a solid grounding in the process and ideas behind Think, Move, Live… You will learn to apply these to daily situations, and session activities are structured around working with others to observe and learn. The course is more structured than 1 on 1 sessions, and you will need to take more direct responsibility for your own discoveries and learning as there is necessarily less time available for individual instruction.

The financial outlay is smaller for group sessions, but our clients for both 1 on 1 and group sessions have found them excellent value for money. Some clients choose to combine group sessions with 1 on 1 work to get the benefits of both delivery types.

Contact us for more information on the relative benefits of 1 on 1 and group sessions.