• Think-Move-Live

Three Steps to Success

Think, Move, Live… are the steps we use to bring about positive change. They grow from our experience in helping people achieve goals that range from overcoming bad backs and poor posture to improving artistic and sporting performance. We use the simple, proven principles of Alexander Technique to show you how to make these changes in your own life.


Personal and teaching experience has shown us that lasting personal change cannot be made before we understand the obstacles that are preventing this change from happening. For constructive change to happen we need to use our thinking to recognise problems and to resolve these during activity.


Thinking differently promotes new perspectives on issues, which in turn uncovers previously invisible paths to change. In this step you learn to apply your new understanding while performing an activity. The process of thinking in activity, throughout the activity, is the key to change.


The new process for making change is now ready to be carried into everyday life. You will learn to refine it for different situations, applying your new skills to gain better control over any aspect of your life you choose to address.