• Philip Shaw
    “The Alexander Technique remains the best of the self-care strategies to prevent the sequel of poor posture and poor breathing.”

    Harold Wise (MD)

Wherever You’re Heading...

We all have plans to make ourselves “better” in some way. Perhaps your goal is to have better posture, perhaps to be more effective at work, perhaps simply to spend less time in front of the TV. But simple or hard, big or small, these plans rarely unfold as we wish.

Are you lacking self-motivation? Is your willpower really so weak? We think it is more useful to look at things from a different angle. Instead of trying to force your goals to come true and then feeling bad at your failures, is it possible to approach them in a different way? A way that takes less effort than you have been using?

The Alexander Technique works from this viewpoint. It teaches how to recognise and change how we respond to the things that trigger unwanted habits. Habits that lead us down the familiar rather than the desired path.

Instead of struggling to reach your goal directly, you can learn to alter your response to the stimulus that leads you to your habits. Using the language of Westerns, you head it off at the pass. Our experience shows this approach to be simple, satisfying and effective – could you ask for more?