• Healthier Workplace
    “The helplessness we had with problems caused by repetitive strain injuries has been blown away. If new problems arise or old ones recur, the heads of departments and employees have a professional contact person … our Alexander Technique teacher.”

    Paul auf der Maur, Deputy Production Manager, Victorinox

A Different Approach

Many workplace injuries, particularly those leading to chronic pain, can be directly linked to how we do our job. And this goes beyond sitting in an ergonomic chair or simply keeping your back straight when lifting. Sometimes the culprits are much less obvious…

Not many people realise that the key to pain-free work may be as simple as changing how they use their mouse or keyboard, or even how they sit into or stand from their perfectly-adjusted chair. The individual effects may be small, but when multiplied by the number of times these activities are performed they become surprisingly significant. For instance, how many times do you reach for your mouse each day?

Alexander Technique has been used by many companies to identify and manage repetitive actions that could be setting their workers up for future problems. For example, Victorinox recorded a 42% reduction in absenteeism between 2002 (when Alexander Technique was introduced) and 2007. Learning to recognise and diffuse these potential time bombs can become a fun and creative part of work, and make a healthier and more productive workforce.

Workplaces are all different, so rather than offer a one size fits all package we will arrange a time to visit you and find out about your work, your staff and where your needs are. When we know this we can discuss options and decide on the optimum program for your company.